Leaky Bathroom Water Damage & Mold – Holmes Inspection – NJ – NJ – PA Cleanup Service

Leaky Bathroom Water Damage  & Mold by Flood Cleanup NJ

HGTV Soaked Episode HHIP-101H: Shannon is a savvy first-time home buyer who knew enough to get a home inspection before she bought the home. However, the question is did the home inspector know enough? Is that stain from an old plumbing leak or is it a disaster waiting to happen? Is that electrical wiring in the basement dangerous? Mike will do a proper Holmes Inspection, and the crew tackles this townhouse and make it tight.

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Leaky Bathroom Water Damage & Mold - Holmes Inspection - NY- NJ Cleanup Service

Leaky Bathroom Water Damage NJ – Over the past year or so, a water stain can be very, very slowly growing on the ceiling of our first floor, somewhat under a bathroom but not directly under a bathroom. We’ve had a few plumbers come to take a look, and they all said they thought water was seeping through the tile in our bathroom, so we took several measures to stop receiving the floor soaked (and sealed the tile also). The plumbers all mentioned that the very slow rate of the water damage indicated that it wasn’t a leaking pipe. We also tested the shower basin and it is intact. – Leaky Bathroom Water Damage

Leaky Bathroom Water Damage & Mold Inspection NJ