Aftermath of ; What to Do When it Happens?

Basement Flooding Somerset CountyFor any homeowner, it is really tough to have their basement flooded. Some of the valuable things found in the basement like laundry appliances, furniture, furnace, and even water heater could be damaged. Majority of the time, when floods penetrate into the basement, it involves mud and muck which makes it harder to remove.

For the people who have not yet experienced this one and is asking what happens after basement flood in somerset county, one thing is for sure, it brings a great deal of damage to any homeowner. For example, if you have so many boxes of your valuable materials in your basement and it is placed just on the ground, this will definitely spread out in the basement. What makes it more damaging is that if it contains books and important documents which really make those things unrecoverable. If you got paneling on your basement, this would definitely buckle. In case that you keep your washer and dryer on your basement, expect that to be ruined which would make it unusable for more or less a week.

The flood in your basement would really cost you big bucks. What you need to do after the basement has been flooded would be to take immediate action. If your house and the appliances in the basement have been dried in the next 48 hours after the flood, the growing of molds would be lessened. Before beginning to clean your flooded basement, one thing that should be kept in mind is your safety. Since there is water and the electricity is still flowing in the sockets, wear rubber boots or shut down the main electrical switch in the breaker box. With regards to the electricity, you can seek for help from an electrical utility. From the safety measures, make a step-by-step general action plan. This plan would serve as your guide on which would be the first thing to do. You can start by removing all the water, mud, and other debris.

After removing all the debris inside your basement and cleaning your basement completely, there are still things to be done before putting back all the materials salvaged. If the flooded appliances, electrical outlets, switch boxes, or fuse/breaker panels have not been checked by your electrical utility, don’t use it first. If those materials or appliances were soaked, it is better to consult an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) contractor for proper replacement of some of the parts such as furnace blower motor, switches and controls, and filters.

Now that you know what happens after basement flood, it is important to do necessary measures to prevent it from happening and destructing your own home. It now also makes you knowledgeable about the things to do when this unfortunate event happens.

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