Remove Water From Your CarpetMajority of the homes have their own carpet. This is commonly found in the living room in order to attract their guests. This textile floor covering can be made from wool or from man-made fiber such as polypropylene, nylon, or polyester. There are also numerous types of carpet being used in every home. It includes woven, needlefelt, knotted, and tufted. Since carpets are found mainly in the living room, it is not safe from getting dirty or from different kinds of stains such as water. Carpets often have a large size which makes it very heavy and difficult to clean.

If you are wondering how to remove water from carpet, there are certain steps for you to follow.

The first step would be to remove all the furniture over the wet area of the carpet. The furniture stain and the paint could bleed into the carpet thus causing permanent stains. From having only the water stain to be solved in the carpet, the problem was added with a more serious one.

The second step is to place a rag on the spill to soak up the water on the carpet. The rag should be folded in half before putting in the water spill. Press the rag with your foot in order to draw as much water as possible from the carpet. If you feel that the rag is not able to handle more water, replace the soaked rag with a new one. Do the same step again and repeat it until it no longer feels wet.

The third step is to use a hair dryer on the wet part of the carpet after the rags have been used. Holding it above the wet part of the carpet at about six inches, turn the dryer on to its highest heat setting. Move it back and forth over the wet spot for about ten minutes. That is the most ideal time in using the dryer for drying the carpet.

The fourth step would be to use a vacuum. Turn the vacuum to its wet setting before running it over the carpet. The vacuum will draw water from the base of the carpet as well as the carpet pad. Vacuum is most suitable in large spills.

It is important that you remove all the water stains in the carpet since there is a likelihood that molds would grow on it. When you are exposed from molds, some of the health problems that might occur are respiratory-related illnesses, nasal and sinus congestion, eye irritation, nose or throat irritation, skin irritation, headaches, and several aches and pains.

Following these tips would give you knowledge on how to remove water from carpet properly. With these simple steps, you will be able to avoid any kinds of diseases or illnesses.

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